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  So I went ahead and just randomly did a bunch of personality quizzes on the Internet about FMA's homunculi, and the results... were interesting. I got Envy once (, Gluttony once (, Greed once (, Wrath once (, Lust twice (,, Sloth three times (,, - the last one is referring to the 2003 Sloth) and Pride four times (,,, The last result is interesting because it tells me that I'm 92% like Pride, 85% like Lust, 72% like Envy, 63% like Father (yes he was included in this one), 61% like Wrath, 55% like Sloth, 51% like Greed and 46% like Gluttony. That contradicts with a lot of my results up above, so I did another one here on dA. (I took this from darcanchy btw)


  [ ] You think about sex often.
  [ ] You like to manipulate for your own satisfaction.
  [x] You like strawberries.
  [ ] The touch of someone else makes you want more or shiver
  [x] Night time is fun time.
  [ ] You take forever to get ready for any type of social gathering.
  [ ] Love is another word.
  [x] You crave for chocolate/sweets

  Points: 3


  [ ] You like to show off.
  [x] You couldn't care less about what other people think.
  [x] You like to be praised.
  [ ] You prefer the rich to the poor.
  [ ] That special deluxe car would make you happy.
  [x] Material items make you happy.
  [x] You like to hang out with someone all the time.
  [x] You have urges.

  Points: 5


  [x] You want what you can't have.
  [x] You get upset when you can't do something you wanted.
  [x] Money is special to you.
  [x] You can get clingy.
  [ ] Robinhood wasn't really your favorite character.
  [ ] You have more things than you can hold in your room.
  [x] You like getting presents.
  [ ] Shopping is fun to you, but if someone is buying.

  Points: 5


  [x] You are lazy.
  [x] Food is your friend.
  [ ] You like big things.
  [x] If you could, you'd live in a mansion.
  [x] Sometimes you'd rather be lonely.
  [ ] You like rich things.
  [ ] You like to accessorize.
  [ ] You like to have people around for comfort.

  Points: 4


  [x] You don't mind death.
  [ ] You like to watch TV.
  [x] You couldn't care less about what is going on
  [ ] Cats are one of your favorite animals.
  [x] You like taking quizzes.
  [x] Chores/work/school is not your favorite place to be.
  [x] You get sick often.
  [ ] Emotions are little to you.

  Points: 5


  [x] You have low self-esteem.
  [ ] You enjoy threatening people.
  [ ] Sometimes you wish that a certain person was dead.
  [ ] Jealousy is your weakness.
  [x] You are mad easily.
  [ ] You have lack of care about another's emotional state.
  [x] You are unhappy.
  [x] Dinner is your favorite meal time.

  Points: 4


  [x] No one should piss you off.
  [ ] You're on the constant go.
  [x] You believe in your parents
  [ ] When people tell you what to do you build rage.
  [x] Music is your medicine.
  [x] You are quickly bored.
  [x] You are easily distracted by the things around you
  [x] You are independent.

  Points: 6

  So, in order:
  -Wrath - 6 points
  -Greed - 5 points
  -Sloth - 5 points
  -Pride - 5 points
  -Gluttony - 4 points
  -Envy - 4 points
  -Lust - 3 points

  These results ended up being very contradictory as well, but by adding up the various results I got from these quizzes, I concluded that I am most like Pride. (Received him 4 times, 92% and 5/8 points. Definitely the most consistent of my scores I'd say.) The others varied 'cause sometimes I'm like Wrath, then maybe I'm like Lust, or maybe Sloth, or Envy etc. But Pride's scores were mostly consistent so hah! I feel so proud of myself now. And I'm not just saying that. I shall now start drawing pictures of all the homunculi. Starting with Pride. So see ya later.

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Amber Brennan
Hi, guys. My name is Amber, and I live in Australia. There is not much to know about me, other than I like to draw, read books and manga, watch anime, play games and write stories. I am learning to speak Japanese and play the piano. That's about it.

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